One of the most common questions people ask in conversation is “what do you do?”. My answer is always very simple and direct: “I am a Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner”. More often than not, this opens up a follow up question about what type of Coach I am or if I am a Life Coach.

There seems to be this misunderstanding, and often even an odd feeling, when people talk about Life Coaching. A fact of life is that our professional and personal lives are constantly woven together by the fabric of everyday events. Whatever is going on in our personal life is going to have some level of impact on our work; and in the same fashion, the pressures, responsibilities and opportunities we experience in business will influence many of our personal decisions and endeavors.

Most clients hire a Coach with a specific goal or project they wish to manage. The process often allows the Coach to unveil other areas of possibility for growth, discovery, or improvement for the client and that opens the door to a lasting working relationship.

Life Balance & Alignment

As business clients achieve results through Executive Coaching it is very common they eventually express a desire to work on personal goals and issues that they now feel they can work on with their Coach. Trust, confidentiality, and flow are key elements of a good Coach-Client relationship.

As a licensed NLP Master Practitioner and Coach I apply an integral approach to Coaching! You are the fusion of endless possibilities, all residing within you, a magnificent blend of skills, competencies, life wisdom, power, that can at times be sabotaged by fear, concern, anxiety, and other personal or professional challenges. With that in mind, you want a Coach who will skillfully help you tap into your own resources to not only reach well-formed outcomes, but to also discover the empowerment that can spring forth from your very core; once you open that portal.

As you identify what you wish to accomplish and the questions you may have about the process you can either call or email me with your inquiry. I look forward to speaking with you personally and charting a course for your success! Call me or email me now for a free Initial Assessment and learn to tap into the transformational resources of your unconscious mind.

Achieve personal and professional goals and transform your life – forever.

  • Establish and maintain the rapport that builds long-lasting professional relationships
  • Propel team dynamics to new levels of performance and job satisfaction
  • Take control of your life and manage your health while enjoying all your favorite foods and NEVER “diet” again
  • Have the energy to do all the things you want to do
  • Improve your personal relationships with family, neighbors, and friends
  • Master your connection with those you lead and inspire the confidence it takes to create win-win outcomes
  • Develop your public speaking skills and wow your audiences with programs that will have them t the edge of their seats asking for more
  • Experience work-life balance; and all the underlying benefits that spring from it, in ways you never imagined
  • Reframe the Limiting Beliefs that keep getting in the way of your happiness
  • Consider the accomplishment of creating highly motivated and inspiring dynamics with co-workers, clients, family and friends
How long does working with a Coach take?

As your Coach I focus on you achieving specifically established goals. Once an initially set goal is reached, most clients continue extending their contracts in order to accomplish other personal or professional objectives.

What about confidentiality and privacy?

Any information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone unless it is in an extreme situation where it needs to be provided in order to avoid harm coming to you; e.g.: making comments about suicidal thoughts or threats to harm or cause death to another person.


Our customized Coaching Services cover a wide spectrum of areas, specializing in:

  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Weight Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Goal Accomplishment
  • Influential & Communication Style Development
  • Legacy Leadership Coaching (Mentoring & Sponsoring)
  • Phobia / Anxiety Cure
Corporate Labs & Focus Groups

We are ready to facilitate your Leadership Meeting focusing on:

  • Value Driven Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Value Elicitation Process
  • Best Practices Modeling
  • Leadership Development Planning
  • Team Dynamics Analysis
  • Human Performance Improvement
Keynote Addresses

Make your corporate event one they’ll talk about for a long time to come. Our Keynote presentations are dynamic, high energy and the perfect way to get your team motivated.