NLP Practitioner

Why a licensed NLP Master Practitioner as a Coach?

As a licensed Neurolinguistics Master Practitioner I focus on the resources that are most aligned with your priorities to create and maintain the momentum required to accomplish well-formed outcomes. Nobody has your best interest in mind more than your unconscious mind; so why not use its powerful resources to live with purpose? A licensed NLP Master Practitioner coaches you on how to navigate the resources to successfully plan and achieve your goals.

Everyone has their own unique way in which they do ‘Success’ and YOU are no exception! There is ONE thing at which you are a Master: YOU! As a Neurolinguistics Master Practitioner and Coach I will show you how easy it is to connect to your OWN resources to reach the goals you set.

Licensed by the Society of Neurolinguistics Programing, I am a Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, Weight-Loss Master Coach and Life Coach. Additionally, I am a member of a comprehensive network of licensed professionals whose only focus is working with people who are ready to live the life they’ve always been meant to live and be happy.

A Licensed NLP Practioner

How does it work?

As a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner & Coach I will show you how to expand your awareness and perspective of your surroundings; leading to a deeper and fuller experience of your life and the inexhaustible resources available to you. Whatever the question…The Answer is Contained Within! Learning how to tap into the collective wisdom of your experiences you can make better decisions in both your personal and professional life.

As your Coach I will assign simple activities that fit into your daily routine and which will gradually begin to reframe the way you use your Key Skills, and Given Talent. Every task I will assign you will be meant to assess, reframe, expand, shift, or anchor your awareness of both internal and external behavioral patterns that either help you succeed or overcome obstacles, you will be expected to complete each activity and accountable for the level of focus you dedicate to each.

I will provide honest guidance but no specific recommendations – as your Coach I do not provide consulting services, but rather help YOU achieve the highest level of self-reliance possible while you create balance in your life. I will act with the highest level of responsibility towards, and interest in your Success.

Coaching Contracts and Fees are based on commitments of 6-12 consecutive months, pursuant to an Initial Evaluation Session.