Strike that pose! Our body: the infinite source.

Our body is a wealthy depository of wisdom, strategies and skill. Beyond cognitive intelligence (IQ), we all have physical (PQ), emotional (EQ) and spiritual (SQ) intelligence.

This magnificent body we occupy knows how to do so much on its own with no command or control from us and, you must admit, it does it rather well. Breathing, digesting, pumping blood just as starters; it also knows how to acquire, categorize, store and retrieve information. Information such as…how we do ‘success’, ‘confidence’ and ‘happiness’; as well as how we do ‘failure’, ‘worry’ and ‘sorrow’.

Earlier this evening, after a long training day and a coaching call, a bit jet-lagged still from my trip to Amsterdam, somewhat melancholic over a personal issue and still in my working clothes I reached for my iPod and went for a walk and some much needed fresh air. At first I was walking slowly, hands in pockets, stiff arms close to my torso and my head tilted down. I was in a meditative state which ‘inadvertently’ turned into a sense of sadness and overwhelm. Serendipitously, my playlist selected an upbeat song which prompted me to walk rhythmically to its tempo. My hands came out of my pockets, arms now loosely close and flexible and my head up straight with a slight tilt back pointing the chin forward.

At one point I somehow became aware that my mood had shifted and dramatically improved. Of Course! This is exactly how I walk when I feel really confident or successful about anything…I’d recognize that walk anywhere. And immediately it also dawned on me that when I am down and feeling out of sorts I also walk like I was previously during my meditative state. We can ‘magically’ change our state of being with a simple conscious shift of bodily posture and/or gesture.

Pay attention and observe how your body feels, looks and behaves during your various emotional states and make a record of it for future use. Notice what happens when you stand up and strike that Super Heroe pose for a few minutes…is there a change in how you feel? How are you using your body to improve your personal life experience? Please share your thoughts, ideas and/or questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Strike that pose! Our body: the infinite source.

  1. love it! and it’s so true, good to remember this when im feeling down to lift my chin up and assume the warrior-asana :D

  2. The beauty of knowing how your feeling affect your body is that you can enjoy every moment of it. The sadness is sometimes necessary to go really insight your soul, to walk slow, to let the tears go down your checks and feel the physical pain in your heart, those are the moments we really connect with ourself. Every day I go to the forest for one hour walk, it’s my time of meditation, rain or shine i am there to put my feelings in order, to recognize them as they arrived.
    The walks in the forest are almost always different, i run when i am mad or frustrated , i walk slow in the evenings when i am melancholic, i walk fast and free when i am felling happy, i run again when i have an extraordinary good felling insight, i love to walk in the middle of the storms and feel the rain and wind in my face just because makes feel alive.

    • Blanca,

      When we dedicate time for special activities (like your daily walk in the woods) we can develop a sharper awareness of what our bodies do when we are happy, sad, successful, confused, etc… And I agree that our emotional system is complete and there to help us experience life fully…when it is necessary to do so…a good cry can be very cleansing. Thank you for your share.

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