Our Clients

At the end of the day, it’s all about happy clients and about improving our experience of life. This is how our clients feel about working with us.

“José knows how to bring out the best from everyone and clearly guides organizations to their next growth process.”
~ Elizabeth Longo – Associate Minister, Unity on the Bay, Miami, FL

“José Rego is a passionate and enthusiastic course leader who consistently brings out the best in his audience. He brings a rare mix of professionalism, humor, expertise and personality to the classroom.”
~ Erin Langevin – President, Langevin Learning Services

“An incredibly dynamic speaker.”
~ George-Anne Fay – President, Fay Associates, Inc.

“José is creative…and above all…practical.”
~ Margarita Larrea-Berg – Training Manager, InCharge Institute of America

“José’s approach to coaching is simple, direct and personal! First address whatever is blocking the creative flow, and second, identify a personal success strategy based on your own style.”
~ Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki – President, Facts Global Energy

“My time shared with Jose has been nothing short of transformational. His positive energy and sweet spirit, along with the wisdom and knowledge he imparts, have truly made me a better and more centered ME, both professionally and personally.”
~ Stephanie Scott, RN, CCRN, CDM – Community Disease Management, Piedmont Hospital

“Enchanting, bordering on the magical! Jose’s unique connection with his audience engages them and immerses them in the subject at hand.”
~ Nicholas Eldridge – Learning & Development Manager, Leading Global Security Company.

"As a result of the skills learned and practiced through my work with Jose, I have achieved unexpected greatness in both my personal and professional life."
~ Jenna Zaffino, Founder/Director; Helios Center for Movement.