The Greatest Moment in Coaching

I am here to help you improve your experience of LIFE! Period! Ultimately, that is my job: to help you exceed expectations, most importantly – your own.

Henry Ford’s words – “if you think you can, or you think you can’t…you’re right” can be said to have molded my life. Mostly, I have pretty much created the life that I have, the good and the bad. Any time I assumed a “can do” mindset I have achieved amazing results; and any time I have behaved from the “can’t do” angle, all the help in the world has not been able to make things work. I believe that we design and co-create our life constantly.

I was born the son of middle-class immigrants who worked hard and gave me the opportunity to study and develop myself. Like it happens to many people, I spent a lot of time moving from one employer to another because of incompatibility. The fact is that I kept trying to fit into an administration/management path because it was what most people in my family had done in some form or another; but the path resisted me like the plague.

That tossing game gave an opportunity to see how some of the big companies do it. I worked with some amazing people at some pretty impressive companies for years …and yet regardless of my level of effort I could not get in the flow. I tried numerous lines of work, from customer service industries, to travel and architectural design. It was in 2000 that a new door opened and I found a niche in the Training & Development field as a Course Leader with Langevin Learning Services – the world’s largest train-the-trainer company. It was here where I first became truly fascinated by Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as it relates to adult learning and human behavior. I saw how any time I applied whatever little NLP techniques I had studied or read about my clients’ experience in the classroom and my experience with them as their trainer and coach would automatically improve.

Having found my passion for Human Development I started my own practice specializing in Coaching and Leadership Development and truVOICE, Inc. was founded. The most fulfilling experience to me as a Coach is to know I have somehow been a bridge between a “can’t” and a “can” in somebody’s life. I am passionate about that “Aha!” moment in your life, when that shift happens and you know that you know that you have changed and come into your full power and design of your life.

Before you get too intrigued, being a licensed NLP Master Practitioner means that I am skilled at guiding you through the most remote and empowering corners of your unconscious collective wisdom and show you how to access it at will to improve your experience of life. I completed my Master Training from Global NLP Training and received my license from the prestigious Society of NLP.

Life has its cycles; highs and lows, good and bad, happy and sad. Knowing how to access our Inner Master during key transitional cycles in our life is essential if we want life’s transformational energy to act for us instead of against us. As your Coach, I work closely with you in designing a Coaching Plan that fits you – ALL of You!

I’m also Certified as an Emotional Intelligence; Weight Management; and Life Coaching Specialist and I will co-design with you a program that is sensible, realistic and reflective of who YOU are – an Expert at YOU!

I look forward to meeting and working with you and watching you create a magnificent life of your own design. And know that if we determine that I am not the Coach for you – I will personally connect you with a network of Coaching Professionals amongst whom you will surely identify the one who will help you unlock the treasure chest of your life.